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Includes up to 3 hours of in-home coverage, Proof CDs, On-Line Viewing, Print Packages and Display Books.

The Prep


Our photographer will arrive in time to capture the transformation of your daughter from make-up to dressing with the same care and creativity that we do with our brides on their wedding day.


One might say that it give each young lady a glimpse at what their wedding day will be like in the future.


We give it the same level of importance for your young Cinderella.

Cinderella Commercial 2.jpg
Cinderella Commercial 2.jpg



The Intro


Here the photographer will capture your Cinderella coming out to greet friends and family in all her beauty for this special night.


Candid and posed images will record the excitement and joy expressed by all in attendance.


This will indeed add an addition to her high school memories that will not appear in the year book.

Cinderella Commercial 1.jpg
Cinderella Commercial 1.jpg



They're Off


Last, but not least, THE DATE!


Our photographer will capture:


- Images of her date as he gets ready to see the   beauty that will be on his arm for the night;


- Their first sight of each other;


- Friends and family with the lovely couple;


- Their walk to the car;


- And finally the farewell waves from the car as    

  they drive off to the prom.