My path to art photography was initiated by three key events:

First my experience with point and shoot "Disk” and 35mm film cameras.  This forced me to use angles, lights, shadows, and environment in a variety of ways if I wanted to imitate the ‘80’s International magazines that I studied in DC’s Georgetown Newspaper/Magazine stores.

Second the Photography 1 instructor, Lorenzo Long, at Bowie State University.  Learning to use a darkroom, Mr. Long's criticism and my obsession at the time caused me to develop a method of finding the faults in my work before enjoying my success.

Finally, stumbling across colored pencils made to color the white within BW mat prints.

In order to stay true to this part of me, I restrict this site to work that has not been digitally altered in any way that could not be duplicated in a darkroom or done to the print itself.

Hopefully I will always grow as someone that produces an image, not just a photograph, with simply a camera and lighting.